Which Home Improvements Adds The Most Value To A Home

Some may see embarking on home improvements just as you are about to sell your home as somewhat counter-intuitive (akin to shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted) but that could not be further from the truth!

Home improvements are one of the most important things any savvy seller can do to maximise the value of their home to potential buyers and add significant market value. One of the biggest issues valuation surveyors will pick up on are structural defects, but buyers will also be put off by ugly, outdated and damaged interiors.

By ensuring your home is well maintained, any potential buyers will be able to envision their dream home and start to build their plans on the framework you provide. Another often overlooked factor that can significantly increase the value of your home and the number of viewings it receives is you EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating. Improving your EPC rating through a few simple refurbishments can push your house ahead of the pack for those looking to future-proof their purchase.

House Extensions

House extensions are the go-to choice when anyone thinks of significantly increasing the value of a house. Not only does choosing to build an extension add floor space (instantly pushing up the appeal of the listing) but depending on your layout you can; Add extra bedrooms, both guest bedrooms and smaller ‘kids’ rooms will make a property more attractive to larger families and those who expect to be regularly entertaining. Expand your existing kitchen into a modern, spacious kitchen-diner or simply add a cosy breakfast nook.

Open up an existing room and add extra windows, bringing more light into your home and making it look even bigger and more welcoming. By bringing natural light into any living space, you also need less ‘artificial’ lighting, lowering future electric bills and making the house extra eco-friendly.

Loft conversions

Often ignored, loft conversions can actually add a huge amount of money to the value of your home, our research has found that an average of £11,000 or up to 20% of the original value! It is unthinkable to let your loft space gather dust when it could be making you money.

Loft conversions can be used as extra bedrooms, a study for working from home, a kids/teen hangout room or a place to focus on your hobbies, be it sewing, gaming or even model trains. All in all, it is clear that loft conversions are becoming a popular way of adding space without expanding the home’s footprint.


Encompassing the most varied and often the most accessible options, home refurbishments range from simply stripping old floorboards to much larger projects.

First impressions count, especially in the modern competitive housing market. Updating the exterior of your home is a simple way to show that your property is well-maintained, as is a freshly decorated interior.

One of the most important features we have seen is upgrading older windows to either double or triple-glazed options. Up to 80% of houses in the UK now have either double or triple glazing, so prospective buyers have come to expect this as standard. Along with this is central heating, if a property is still using older night-storage heaters it can immediately turn off a buyer, and they know this will mean more work (and cost) for them in the future.

A small investment for you can pay off in enormously in the value it adds to your home.